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Ludwigs Mini Schnauzers
When only the BEST will do!

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Miniature Schnauzer
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Ludwigs ature
nauzers! We breed
champion sired mini
schnauzer puppies in
Washington State.
Puyallup WA. to be
exact. We are
champion line
schnauzer breeders
of all three colors of
miniature schnauzer
puppies black and
silver, salt and
pepper, and black
schnauzers. If your
looking for a min
schnauzer puppy
please check out our
breeding program
and see if we are the
schnauzer breeder
for you. We also
offer ch bred
miniature schnauzer
stud service. We
have an AKC
champion stud and a
champion sired stud
available to approved
bitches. We feed the
best of nutrition all
our dogs and puppies
are fed NuVet Plus
Vitamins, Lifes
Abundance Premium
Health Food and
Flint River Ranch
Food. We Feed
holistic dog food and
holistic canine
supplements. Flint
River Ranch Lamb,
Millet and Rice, Flint
River Trout and
Potato. Flint River
Ranch Duck and
Oatmeal,  We
recommend both
Flint River Ranch
Treats and Lifes
Abundance Treats.
WA. schnauzer  
schnauzer breeders
wa state schnauzer
puppies miniature
schnauzer puppy. If
your looking for a
schnauzer breeder in
Oregon we are within
driving distance for
miniature schnauzer
puppies in Oregon
OR,. If your looking
for a schnauzer
breeder in California
we are within driving
distance for
miniature schnauzer
puppies in California.
If your looking for a
schnauzer breeder in
Oregon we are within
driving distance for
miniature schnauzer
puppies in Oregon.
Miniature schnauzer
breeders Alaska
miniature schnauzer
puppies Alaska.
Miniature schnauzer
breeders idaho
miniature schnauzer
puppies idaho
We have had
people come
from Oregon OR.
California CA.
Alaska AK.
Idaho ID.
Arizona AZ.
Nevada NV.
Florida FL.
Montana MT.
And further to
get one of our

Breeder Miniature
schnauzer Puppies
Near Seattle
Tacoma Olympia
Vancouver  Everett
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